New album “I Love You” out January 24, 2012 on Thrill Jockey !


Holy crap long time no update. I’ll be back shortly for a more in depth update soonly, but for now here are a few shards of news:

I’ll be DJing a couple times in Portland, OR coming up.. @Holocene 23.09.11 (5-8PM), @Beech Street Parlour 11.10.11, on KBOO 90.7fm 03.11.11 .

I’ll be playing in Baltimore, MD with Dustin Wong and Foot Villiage at Floristree 03.10.11

New album coming early 2012 on Thrill Jockey

“Title King” cassette collab with Cex is out and availible from WTR CLR




Another quick update…

“Fussing & Fighting” is out and about at this point… check your local record merchant or pop over to Thrill Jockey to grab one while they are still around. Also pop over to the Audio/Video page and check out Mark Brown’s rad video for the title track!

“This Is Critical” 7″ and the tape split with Eachothers are a bit behind schedule but I should at least have the cassettes available by the first of my upcoming shows.

Also, make sure to pre-order a copy of the new ,Future Islands LP over at Thrill Jockey because if you do you will get a special downloadable Jason Urick/Future Islands remix EP! The EP features my take on Future Islands’ “Tin Man” and “Lea” and they  remodel “Make This Crtical” and an unreleased track of mine, “Light Moves”!

Annnnnd, lastly I sat down with Pitchfork recently for an interview and it came to life in The Out Door column! You can directly link here as it is most likely buried under Beck record club and chill wave news updates at this point.


Hey all… short on time here, but wanted to drop a quick update.

First off wanted to say thank you to all the artists, promoters, friendly airport employees(there were a couple) and people Ecstatic Sunshine and myself had the pleasure of meeting on our European tour. It was a total blast. Such a blast that I will be returning in September to play the Incubate Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands and hopefully a handful of other shows while I’m out.

Now that I’m back Stateside it’s time to dump a handful of new releases on you all. First up is a new 7″ on Fan Death called “This Is Critical”. It is due for release April 2, just in tie for the DNA Test Fest which I will be DJing.
Shortly after my new Thrill Jockey 12″ “Fussing & Fighting” will be released (April 6).. I’m very stoked for this one, it’s a bit different than the album, but shouldn’t alienate anyone who dug “Husbands”. Three new songs in all plus an awesome remix of the title track by Ecstatic Sunshine!
And last, but not least is a split cassette with Eachothers on Lost Ghost Records which should be completed sometime in the next few months.

Other than that no news to report, oh unless you are in the Baltimore area in which case you should come check me out at the Novo Festival at the Wind Up Space tomorrow 04.03.2010 with Microkingdom & Notendo!


Happy New Year!
Final Euro tour dates are listed and the set-off date is getting oh so close! Mattstatic and I have also booked two NYC dates before jetting off, one at Cake Shop in Manhattan and the other at Death By Audio in Brooklyn.

In other news the Fan Death released 7″ will be coming out closer to March rather than January as originally thought. It should coincide nicely with my new Thrill Jockey 12″ “Fussing & Fighting”(more on that soon). I’ve also received a finished copy of the Husbands CD version from Thrill Jockey and it looks rad… fold out poster cover and all. These will be available on tour and commercially in the EU Jan. 19th and in the US in Feb.. Last but not least I contributed a “new” song to the “Peeling” compilation released by my good pals at Gaarden Records which is availible on CD or download. Lots of cool stuff on that comp including new songs from Lexie Mountain Boys, Dustin Wong, Holy Sons(Om, Grails) and Matthew Robert Cooper to name a few!

See you on the road.


Just a quick update to point you towards the Audio/Video section where links to a new song “Invisible Map” and new video “The Eternal Return” have been added. Thanks to Jason John Würm for his hard work on the video!


Hello again! Added some more Euro dates including Riga, Paris and Rotterdam. Check back soon for a few NYC and Baltimore dates.

The split 7″ with Jason Willett is out now on Wildfire Wildfire and you can grab it from them or Thrill Jockey as well as iTunes and eMusic for now, but it should be creeping into stores soon. If you are in the Baltimore area swing by the Hexagon on Thursday December 3rd to celebrate the release with me, Jason, max Dunbar and Eachothers!

In other release news This Is Critical is on it’s way to the press now and should hopefully be out on January 19 via Fan Death Records. Also for you non-vinyl peeps Husbands will be seeing a limited CD release via Thrill Jockey in Europe on January 18th and the US in early February! I will also have news on a new Thrill Jockey 12″ due in early Spring very soon.

Untill then!


Hey friends…

Slowly getting this here interweb site going. Expect a little less clunkiness design-wise and more content(some unreleased tracks, etc.) soon.

I just added the release page which is mostly complete now, still a few odds and ends to get up there, but you can click the album art pics to go straight to the labels sites to look at *cough*buy the records*cough* more info for each. This includes my new split 7″ with Jason Willett (Half Japanese, Leprechaun Catering, etc.) on Wildfire Wildfire which I am super stoked on. This winter will also bring a solo 7″ This Is Critical on Fan Death Records which is all wrapped up outside of the final layout business.

A handful of Winter 2010 Euro dates w/ Ecstatic Sunshine have been added to the Shows page, expect more soon. I will also have a small handful of Baltimore shows coming up in December/January as well as one in NYC in the works… stay tuned.